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Fresh organically grown produce and herbs each week of the CSA season. The Root Deep CSA season begins in May and ends in August. (more...)



Root Deep Urban Farm started in the fall of 2005 with the purchase of several vacant lots located in east Kansas City. The dream of owning my own land to farm started years earlier after experiencing how growing our own food changed my life and my family’s life.

Many years ago, while living in Guinotte Manor, I was given the opportunity to be part of the neighborhood garden. Our first season, the kids and I grew the vegetables we were familiar with- tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables.  It was fun for the kids and a learning experience for me. Growing our own vegetables had an immediate impact. We were eating fresh vegetables and saving money on the produce we didn’t have to buy at the grocery store. The whole family benefited, we shared our vegetables with our grandmother, mother, and other relatives.

The following season we moved to another home but the joy of growing our own vegetables was still with me. We joined Kansas City Community Gardens and grew in first one, then two plots.  KC Community Gardens was a great place to grow!  I learned so much from the staff and the other community gardeners over the years.

I have grown my own vegetables every year since that first season.  The people, the garden and the soil have changed my life. The garden became a place of new friendships and new experiences. For years I worked an 8 to 5 job and would end the day in the garden harvesting, working the soil, weeding and watering. I didn’t recognize it in the beginning, but this had become my release.  Day after day the garden comforted me, taking away the stress in my life. I would talk to myself, to God, to anyone that may have been listening that thought me a strange woman!  I’ve laughed and shed many tears in the soil and the soil has always been welcoming to me.

Every season is different- the plants, the soil, the pests, the weather and yes, even me. There are many benefits and challenges of growing vegetables. I’m still fascinated by a seed that has germinated, then forms a plant that produces fruit that is beautiful, delicious and good for me. I know longer look at worms as worms!  They are “WORMS” (can you feel me!) and they, along with the bees, and other insects, all have a place in the field where their work is necessary.  The challenges at times are disheartening; you watch the beautiful plants suffer from insect damage and disease, but this too is part of farming and the lessons it offers. My growth has come both personally and professionally. The benefits have far outweighed the challenges.

I’ve been asked “Why the name Root Deep?”

The ROOTS are the anchor and give life to all parts of a plant. They grow in the top levels of the soil, spreading outward to receive water, oxygen, and nutrients, and to attach themselves to the soil. We are all given a beginning and our physical being is our anchor from which we take in and give out. Like the roots and the soil, what we are fed will determine our lives. If I feed my plants synthetic fertilizers (the notso miracle miracle grow) and herbicides, I will hurt the microorganisms that help the plants and the roots, and I will keep them from doing their important work in the soil and with my plants.  If I feed myself and my family less than healthy food, I will keep us from doing the important work we need to do in the world.

The first year (2006) of Root Deep Urban Farm was a successful one. For the first time I sold produce at two markets and had a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture). The heat took its toll on the plants but I still ended the season with produce to help get me through the winter.

Having my own urban farm has opened my eyes and the dream just keeps getting bigger. Root Deep Urban Farm is a dream in the making. Stay tuned!  Contact Sherri for more info:  rduf (@) copper .  net